Andres Moret

Filmmaker Andres Moret

Sometimes it's wise to stay away from putting somebody's experience and knowledge in words. Our Film Festival brings to you some of those talents to Judge your work, most valuable to you, to bring to you the results that you can rely upon with ease.

Dalip Tahil

Dalip Tahil - Actor, Producer, Lyricist, Singer and what not. In Acting alone, he has over 200 cedits to his name!!

Puneet Prakash

Filmmaker Puneet Prakash

Priyanka Ghose

Filmmaker Priyanka Ghose

Sanobar Hussain

Sanobar Hussaini

Author & Lecturer

Parlav Chaudhary

Filmmaker Parlav Chaudhary

Taran Bajaj

Filmmaker Tarang Bajaj

Adhiraj Bose

Filmmaker Adhiraj Bose