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CWIFF is a quarterly film event that runs with and for various institutions and societies which is specifically created to help independent filmmakers and groups to raise their awareness about the kind of films made in the world.. Not only we run as a Festival but as well provide a means to filmmakers to learn from their seniors from around the world.

BIG NEWS: This is the best Season to submit your film to the festival as next year CWIFF will be hosting a larger-than-life film festival where winners, including all previous seasons, will not only be given entries at a huge discount but as well a dedicated entry to the competitive round. Along with that, all films will be given a chance to be focused on CWIFF's Studio platform.


Filmmakers competing in festivals are not bound to any condition which requires them not to show their films anywhere else. Rather awarded films will be given priority over others as it being the purpose of our festival to educate through the best (which again is subjective). Still, all decisions will be taken by the jury and they will decide which films to grant submission for the festival.

Today you have the chance to become mentor to many. Submit your film to #CW and become one. 

Previous Year Winners and Finalists

Front of Camera

Behind the Camera

Earlybird-Entry-Begins, April-01, 2023
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